Enhancing For The Big Three Browse Engines

Before about 2012, website owners were free to favor quantity over quality when they collected links back to their own websites. A few Google algorithm updates put an end to that tactic as a successful way to gain long-term rankings for user searches. Good Denver SEO consultants will surely advise their clients to invest their money in quality links and citations. Doing anything else won't help, and it might even hurt. Lately, Google has been very eager to penalize sites for collecting lots of low-quality links.

Links That Help With SEO Today

How can SEOs figure out which links are worth it? People who try to optimize websites need to focus on their current or potential audience. It's important to discover some things about the type of searchers that are likely to have an interest in a particular site. One that's done, it's fairly easy to figure out what other kinds of websites a user might frequent.

For example, a restaurant might hope to gain a link or mention on a local food blog. This is a very relevant link because of the topic and the geographic location. Smart search engine bots are likely to give that type of links some authority. In addition, the link may be able to deliver new traffic all on its own. By focusing upon users and not upon just obtaining lots of links, SEOs can help their clients increase traffic in the most natural and effective way.

To gain these links, SEOs might offer the authority site some quality content in exchange for a mention. For example, a local bakery might share a seasonal recipe. Another tactic is to connect with the blogger on social media. Finally, it's also possible to email and ask, but it is usually better to try a bit of networking first.

Do Links Still Matter for SEO?

Links still matter as much as they ever did. The right links can boost traffic, and the wrong ones might sink it. A website, blog, news site, or online magazine that already has its own traffic is bound to 10K business training be a better source of links and citations than dozen's of low-quality pages that don't even have their own audience. Besides having the potential to help increase rankings, they can also deliver their own traffic and brand awareness.

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